Adhesive Cleaning Issues Resolved

Gard Chemicals has launched a new product range of Adhesive Cleaners and Release Agents (for both hot and cold glues) for use within the nonwoven and associated industries. 

This range of technologically advanced and industry approved formulated products is currently being supplied to manufacturers of diapers, sanitary towels, filters and vehicle lining manufacturers in order that they can now remove and/or prevent adhesive from bonding to all working surfaces with safer, more effective and environmentally acceptable products than they previously used. 

The Gard Chemicals R&D department were asked to investigate the traditional cleaning practices and products used within the industry with a view to developing more operator friendly, efficient and fit for purpose formulations than flammable solvents, citrus cleaners and paraffin wax granules. 

The new product range of Adhesive Cleaners and Release Agents manufactured under ISO 9001/14001 accreditations covers a wide variety of applications such as external adhesive removers for in situ cleaning, liquid hot melt purges for premelt units and hoses, release agents which prevent the unwanted adhesion of both hot and cold glues thus ensuring faster and easier clean down times. 

Gard Chemicals will work direct with companies and if necessary custom formulate for specific cleaning needs/applications and it is on this basis that the company invites enquiries from organizations within the nonwoven industry who wish to make their own facility safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Gard has a distributor network in place but welcomes enquiries from any companies associated with end user supplies who may be interested in further distributor opportunities:

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