Manufacturing extremely versatile NSF-approved adhesive cleaners and release agents for the labelling industries has enabled us to become the leader in our specialist field. Multi-nationals within the Food and Beverage Industry have worked with us to formulate products which match their requirements for adhesive removal and release applications.


A major priority for our New Product Development facility is that products should always conform to the latest food industry legislation in this constantly evolving market. Every day our products are relied upon to ensure machine downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum and that line speeds are constant.


We manufacture a range of technically advanced adhesive cleaners and release agents for the Labelling Industries. The range covers all applications including :

  • Label brush cleaning
  • Vacuum drum cleaning
  • Machine guard cleaning
  • Vertically fed system flushing
  • Tank and hose cleaning
  • Preventing bonding of hot and cold glue deposits
  • Hot Melt and Cold Glue cleaning
  • VOC Free cleaning


If your plant / facility is experiencing difficulty in cleaning adhesives such as PSA, Hot Melt & Cold Glues then now is the time to talk with us.

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