New Product Development

The reputation and success of Gard Chemicals are built on our ability to understand and satisfy customer requirements, and our New Product Development facility will develop and formulate innovative new products to exacting specifications, ensuring that we produce the right product for the job.


Our Technical/NPD Department works closely with both existing and prospective customers, with adhesive manufacturers and with OEMs, to develop products which are tailored to specific needs for the performance of efficient corrective and preventive maintenance of plant and equipment within the ever changing and evolving adhesive-based industries.

We continue to appraise existing products and develop new ones for use within these industries. This ensures we are always in the forefront and that our products consistently outperform and are more user and environmentally friendly than others. This is reflected by our customers’ increased production levels due to reduced machine downtimes.


Gard Chemicals has a responsibility to both end users and Distributor Partners to remain the leader in this maintenance market, and we do this by continually responding to modern technological developments and by producing products which are 100% fit for purpose in the modern age.

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