Gard EV60

GARD EV60 is a new liquid formulation developed to quickly and easily remove heavier contamination of hot melt adhesive from machinery and components, throughout the Bottling, Food, Nonwoven and Packaging Industries.


Accreditations and Approvals


  • NSF Approved: Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (K3) 147619
  • New Zealand: MPI Approved C 11 (All animal product except dairy)
  • CFIA – Canada Health Accepted: IS16052602
  • Customs Union (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan) – RU.


Areas of Application

Gard EV60 can be used to clean down label stations, guide rails, applicator wheels, label carriages, label brushes, belts, tank externals and machine guards without causing any damage to plastic i.e. crazing/clouding. Gard EV60 is widely used as a soak tank application for removing heavy char from equipment / components including nozzles, modules etc


· Non Citrus Based
· Widely Used within food plants
· Non Flammable and Non Corrosive
· Low Odour
· Safe on Plastics / Rubber

Industries Used

· Bottling / Canning Plants
· Food Manufacture / Packaging
· Non Woven Plants
· Woodworking
· Automotive

Pack Sizes

· 750ml
· 5 Litres
· 20 Litres
· 220 Litres

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