DEV 16

DEV 16 is a concentrated water based cleaner developed to quickly break down all cold adhesives and starch which builds up in and around packaging/application equipment. DEV 16 can be used as a wash down cleaner to all surfaces which become contaminated with cold glue/starch.


Accreditations and Approvals


  • NSF Approved: Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (K3) 150505
  • New Zealand: MPI Approved C 11 (All animal product except dairy)
  • Canada Health Accepted: IS16052604



• Liquid Formulation
• Non Citrus Based
• Water Based (dilutes up to 10 parts)
• Widely Used within food plants
• Non Flammable
• Safe within hoses
• Will not cause swelling of seals / o-rings

Industries Used

• Food Manufacture / Packaging
• Bottling / Canning Plants
• Sheet Manufacturers
• Carton and Board Plants
• Towel and Tissue Manufacturers
• Woodworking

Pack Sizes

• 5 Litres
• 20 Litres
• 220 Litres

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