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adhesive cleaners & release agents

We manufacture a technically advanced range of adhesive cleaners and release agents for the Woodworking and Furniture Industries.

The range covers all applications within the Woodworking / Furniture Industries including :

  • Profile Wrapping
  • Edgebanding
  • Laminating / Veneering

We specialise in meeting individual customer requirements, in order to solve specific problems.

If your plant / facility is experiencing difficulty in cleaning adhesives such as PUR, Hot & Cold Glues then now is the time to talk with us.

Common Issues within the industries which we deal with on a daily basis include :

  • Cleaning Hot Melt Pots
  • Stopping Hot Melt Sticking to machinery
  • Preventing PUR from adhering to surfaces
  • Preventing adhesive from sticking to platens (hot / cold press)
  • Glue Application roller cleaning
  • Panel edge cleaning
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